Saturday Morning Market



Among my favorite things to do is visit the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Petersburg. What started out small on a single block of Central Avenue has grown into a huge market, now taking up the entire parking lot of Progress Energy Park (Al Lang Stadium, for those of us who have lived here more than a few years).
It’s wonderful to see all the interesting wares, fresh produce, live music and delicious foods that the market has to offer. (I even did some of my Christmas shopping at the market this year.) Even better is to see lots of folks walking around downtown. After the market, many people meander along Beach Drive or towards Central to brunch or lunch at their favorite spots.
In the summer, the Market takes shelter in the parking lot of the Mahaffey Theater. It was remarkably cool and shady when I went last before the market returned to its primary location. I’ll look forward to that spot for a change of scenery when the weather changes.

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